Welcome New Users, Feedback Heard!

Mar 27, 2024

Our subscriber base grew 10x this week, so we want to give a warm welcome to all of our new users!

Over the past couple days, we've heard so many amazing feature requests. These are some of ones we heard over and over again: (They're all coming!)

  • Apple Calendar Integration

  • Allow integration with multiple calendar accounts simultaneously

  • Open up SMS-Martin to be available more countries

    • *Martin is actually available in most countries! The country selector list in our app is just incomplete. If your country is not listed there, simply email me your phone number and country code and I'll make it work for you!*

  • Have Martin be able to text/email your contacts, and sync Martin with your contacts

  • Make Martin reach out more proactively

  • Be able to customize email briefing times

  • Keep Martin on when I leave the app

  • MacOS and WatchOS app

The elevated traffic also created some unanticipated issues, so we're terribly sorry for any problems you've experienced with Martin! Here are some bugs we've fixed in the last 24 hours:

  • Martin spinning and showing "Network Error" when starting up on Handsfree mode. This is fixed!

  • Push-to-talk mode getting stuck on "Sending..." forever when a lot of people try to use it. Fixed!

  • Martin did not have memory of reminders he had set for you, when asked during conversations. He now remembers all reminders that he has given you in the past week + all reminders that are set for the future.

  • Getting "invalid access code" despite inputting the correct code. This should be mostly fixed! If you ever run into this, email me with the email you purchased your access code with - I'll manually let you in.

  • Access code modal getting users stuck in the "Continue as Guest" flow forever if they deleted the app mid-onboarding. This no longer happens!

  • Still working on a couple more integration bugs. Ping me if you ever run into any!

Thank you all for being a part of the Martin community! We're all on this adventure together! Because of your feedback, Martin has been improving dramatically every day since we've launched in October of last year. And we are just getting started!

Keep the ideas coming. And if you run into a bug, just email me or founders@trymartin.com and we'll squash it for you right away. You can also join our Discord here. We'll try to respond fast no matter the platform.

Couldn't be more excited to be building Martin with you!