You can now text Martin via SMS!

Jan 15, 2024

Today, we're launching our first big update of 2024. You can now send text messages to Martin via SMS!

We've received a lot of feedback from users over the months that it's difficult to communicate with Martin in certain settings — on the train, at a crowded restaurant, or whenever you just don't feel like talking. Now, you can text him just like any friend or coworker, and he'll get back to you in a blink!

Just like in the app, SMS-Martin can...

  • Make real-time searches

  • Set reminders for you

  • Send notes to your email

  • Pull from the your existing user memory

  • Update your existing user memory

To start texting Martin, just tap the green banner inside the app and tell Martin your phone number, so he can sync your account with your phone number.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature! We have lots of exciting improvements coming soon. If you want to stay updated and influence our upcoming features, join our Discord here!



Co-founder at Martin