A New Voice Interface and Email Martin

Mar 26, 2024

Hi Martin Users,

Martin just launched on Product Hunt! Leave us an upvote and comment your favorite thing about Martin! See our launch post below.

With this launch, we are also introducing three major updates...

1. Voice Interface V2

We now have 2 modes for speaking with Martin. In our classic handsfree mode, you tap once to turn on Martin and never have to touch your phone again.

We are also introducing a second push-to-talk mode. If you’re in a loud environment, just hold down, speak, and release, and Martin will never make a mistake.

2. Emailing Martin

You can now sync your email with Martin in the integrations panel. Then, reach Martin via email at martin@trymartin.com. CC him on a thread, and he’ll schedule a meeting on your calendar. Forward him a newsletter, and he can dig more into specific topics. Over email, Martin has access to all his other integrations, just like in the app and over SMS.

See our latest demo here!

3. Briefings (releasing throughout this week)

Martin can now send you daily or weekly briefings via email. He can include news topics you’re interested in, the weather forecast in your area, or any specific topic that you want detailed updates for. You can set up your briefings in the integrations panel.

Whether you joined 6 months ago or just downloaded Martin, thank you for being here! We are just getting started on our mission to build the most personal AI butler, inspired by Jarvis. Martin has some earthshaking updates coming in the next couple months, so stay tuned…