Martin Today Feed, Daily Meetings, Major UI Changes

Jun 18, 2024

This week, we released our biggest UI update ever. Martin now shows a feed of his tasks for today. You can have regular Morning Syncs and Evening Debriefs with Martin. And, Martin is faster, smoother with your contacts, and better at scheduling tasks.

  1. Martin Today Feed

Martin's new home screen is a feed showing you what Martin is working on for you today. This includes daily or weekly briefings that he is sending you, reminders that he has set for you, new text conversations he is having with your contacts, and daily meetings that are coming up or completed.

  1. Daily Meetings

We've noticed an awesome way that many users have been using Martin is having a meeting with Martin first thing in the morning, to create their calendar for the day, set 5-10 reminders, and start a couple conversations with their contacts, all in one session.

Then, at night, they have a debrief session with Martin to review the day and plan ahead. We got inspired by these power users and created a new tool called Daily Meetings, consisting of "Morning Syncs" and "Evening Debriefs."

By default, these 2 meetings will always be added to your "Martin Today" feed. Simply tap to begin the meeting with Martin. In the coming weeks, we'll be adding more options to this tool, so your Martin can come prepared with discussion items and take notes during your meetings. You can find all these settings going forward in the Daily Meetings tab in the integrations modal.

  1. Major UI Changes

If you haven't already noticed, there are also 4 new buttons at the top of the home screen!

(from left to right)

1. Martin's Messages

2. Integrations

3. Martin Support

4. Account & Settings.

The orb that you tap to start a voice session with Martin is now smaller and conveniently placed at the bottom of your screen. When activated in push-to-talk mode, Martin displays a button for you to hold and release right below the orb. To switch between handsfree and push-to-talk mode, you can toggle a switch in the new settings modal.

  1. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to these 3 major changes, we have heard and taken your feedback in a variety of other features. Here are a few notable changes and fixes we've made:

  • We've heard reports of Martin struggling with rescheduling events. Martin now has a custom function for moving events on your calendar. He used to delete and re-add events.

  • We've heard your complaints about latency. Martin's voice response time in push-to-talk has been reduced by 1.5 seconds per query.

  • We know it's extremely annoying to have to dictate a phone number for Martin to text, so Martin is now fully synced with your phone contacts. Now, you can just tell Martin using voice to look for John Doe's phone number in your contacts, and then text him about an upcoming event.

  • Contacts of your Martin can now ask Martin to immediately send you an email or text message during their text conversation with your Martin.

  • Both Martin's Apple and Google Calendar integrations allow secondary calendars to be read/written to.

As usual, please don't hesitate to send us your feedback by clicking the question mark icon in the app, or email us at You can now also tell Martin to pass along feedback to his developers, and he'll ping us right away :).

We will have some big updates coming for social Martin in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

Dawson Chen

Co-founder at Martin