Integrate Martin with Your Calendar

Feb 13, 2024

Hi Martin Users,

One of our most requested integrations is finally here: Martin is now fully integrated with Google Calendar! With one simple command from you, Martin can add, edit, reschedule, or delete events from your calendar.

*Edit May 2024: Martin is now synced with both Google and Apple Calendar

Plus, Martin's memory will be consistently updated based on your calendar. Martin can reach out to unpack your meetings from today, or send you resources ahead of an ambitious camping trip! Get started by syncing your Google Calendar account with Martin on our new integrations page:

Also with this release, Martin can now proactively text you via SMS, in addition to his regular push notifications! You can toggle this feature on/off in your SMS settings.

Please let us know your feedback on this release and any suggestions for future integrations! Stay tuned for big updates coming soon...

Dawson Chen

Co-founder @ Martin