Happy Holidays + The Road Ahead

Dec 18, 2023

Dear Martin Users,

Happy holidays! Dawson here (Martin co-founder). I wanted to send you all a warm thank you note for being Martin’s earliest users! There are about 2000 of you, and you've given us so much amazing feedback and support over the past few months.

In case you just joined, here’s a quick recap of Martin’s journey so far.


  • Martin goes live on the App Store with 1 feature (send notes to your email).


  • Martin moves away from turn-based conversations becoming 2x faster, adds reminders and standby mode.


  • Martin becomes proactive, with notifications + suggested topics.


  • Martin’s voice becomes more human, and his long term memory improves. 

In 2024, you can expect some bold new steps from us. Our mission is to make Martin your dream assistant. We think that breaks down to three components.

  1. More capable: We will keep refining Martin’s notes, reminders, and search features, so Martin can get the simple things done insanely well. New capabilities are also coming. We’ve heard your suggestions of creating Calendar events, making phone calls, and more. What features we build are always driven by what you, our early users, really want. So please tell us more!

  1. More diligent: A hard-working assistant doesn’t just react to commands, but proactively finds ways to help. To achieve this, we’ll be making major strides in Martin’s memory. E.g. If Martin recalls, from previous conversations, that you’re struggling with your diet, he will proactively research some healthy recipes and notify you. And unlike other apps, you will be able to give him feedback on what he pushes you, and he’ll adjust.

  1. Easier to work with: This is all about the User Interface. Lower latency, smoother interruptions, and distinguishing voices are all tough technical problems that we'll be tackling in the coming months, and your feedback will help us immensely here because you’re all power-users of conversations!

To make it easier for you to stay connected to our building process, we recently started a Discord server, which you can join here!

If there’s anything you particularly love about Martin, a problem you’ve encountered in our app, or any ideas for how we can improve, feel free to drop me a note at dawson@trymartin.com or just @ me in the Discord. Thank you again for being Martin’s earliest users! Have a wonderful holiday, and I can’t wait to hear from you!



CEO, Co-founder @ Martin