WhatsApp Integration, Multiple Emails, More SMS Countries

Apr 5, 2024

Today, we are releasing our first major update since our Product Hunt launch last week (app version 1.5.11). Here's a rundown:

1. You can now send WhatsApp messages to Martin.

If you already gave Martin your phone number in the SMS integration tab, your WhatsApp integration will be automatically set up. Martin will expect you at the same phone number, just on WhatsApp. His WhatsApp phone number is +18559108323.

2. You can now sync multiple email addresses with Martin.

If you want to email Martin from your personal and work email addresses, you can now add several "Secondary Emails" to Martin. When Martin receives an email from one of these addresses, he'll be able to access all of the same integrations and memories associated with your account.

3. SMS Martin is Now Available in UK and Australia

Our SMS functionality is now fully available to UK and Australian users. We have also added New Zealand numbers but are experiencing some restrictions after a certain number of messages exchanged. We're working on fixing it!

If your country's SMS code is still not included in the Martin app, please let us know, and we'll work on adding it for you. In the meantime, try out our WhatsApp integration!

4. Bugs and Small Features

As you know, we've been working around the clock to make Martin as reliable as possible.

Here are some major bugs/small features that have been fixed or added:

  • Martin used to not respond to emails with attachments. Now, Martin can read .pdf, .txt, and .html files attached to emails you send him.

  • Martin can now send you a text, if you ask him to during a voice or email conversation.

  • Martin is now aware of subject lines and cc'd email addresses when you email him.

  • Martin now sends proactive text messages and performs proactive actions for you every morning. He used to only act proactively for users with very established long-term memories.

  • Martin is now aware of what email/phone number you have synced with him, if asked in a conversation.

  • Martin is now aware of what reminders he has set for you, if asked in a conversation.

  • Martin's news function is no longer hallucinating articles or links to articles.

  • Martin no longer fails to deliver news articles to your email when asked.

  • Current reminders are now shown in your local time zone.

  • Reminder times are no longer inaccurate when set for more than 2 days in advance.

As always, the team and I are extremely appreciative of your feedback and patience as we try to improve the Martin product as rapidly as possible.

We will continue to give product updates via email. If you want more frequent product updates (either once a day, or whenever we push a bug fix/small change), we could potentially start doing that on Discord. Just join the server and let us know :).